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Which Languages Are Gaining Importance In The Recent Years?

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Languages are the tools for speech. We use languages to express our thoughts and feels. There are, however many different kinds of languages around the globe. A person on average is thought to know two different languages. But with growing advancements in the modern times, a person with the ability to speak 4 languages will have an advantage above a person who knows only 2.


English is the international language. Although, English was a more recently founded language it gained rapid popularity and was accepted as the global language. Owing mainly to the fact that the then rulers and colonists spoke English. English is still widely used around the globe and is a very easy language to be learnt. Most of its words are derived from other languages such as Greek and French. 


Chinese language is the most spoken language around the globe. The Chinese language has many different dialects. Chinese is one of the oldest languages in the world. There have been fears that the Chinese language will overtake English to become the International language. There are many Chinese translation centers that are located in various parts of the globe. As Chinese is gaining huge popularity since recent times.


French is known as the language of romance amongst teens and youngsters. Most youngsters now take French as their second language because they think it is “cool” and also because it is nicknamed to be the language of love. French also has a growing popularity and remains to be one of the dominantly spoken languages in the world. French translation services has now increased with the increased demand in translating to and from French.

Hindi – Urdu

Hindi & Urdu has more similarities than differences. And to a person who has no knowledge of both languages they may seem to be the same. Hindi and Urdu is mainly spoken by the people of India and Pakistan. But with large immigration and emigration, also thanks to the Bollywood industry more people are starting to show keen interest in learning the two languages. Middle East has proven to become to the central hub for the languages, of course after its native lands.There are other languages too that are gaining increased popularity. Some of which are Spanish, Arabic, German and etc. Arabic is a notable language that is known to have unique pronunciation and writing. The interesting fact about the Arabic language is that there is large populace of the world who can read Arabic but not understand a word about it!